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I want to Exhibit-China (Shanghai) Clinical Examination Equipment and Products Exhibition 2016
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Secretariat Office of the Organizing Committee:
Shanghai Zhanya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Add: Unit2304,Building Jinxiao,Number1,Lane36, Biquan Road,Shanghai, P. R. China
Tel: +86-13761301778

Fax: +86-18964878976

Contact Person:yanghao18964878976

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  Thank you for your attention and support of this exhibition, you submit this form, we will promptly contact you(Note:*Is required)
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1、The application to apply for registration purposes only booth, please fill out the exhibitors to ensure that information clear, detailed, accurate and true;
2、Organizing Committee after receipt of your Application Form to determine the booth without the booth application form committee to determine as invalid;
3、Shanghai ZhangYa Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. The Application Form have the final interpretation。

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