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China (Shanghai) Clinical Examination Equipment and Products Exhibition 2016
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● Clinical laboratory equipment: Biochemistry analyzer, immunoassay analyzer, bacteria analyzer, urine analyzer, micro-analyzer, electrolyte analyzer, blood cell counter, blood analyzer, blood dialysis device, microplate reader, chromatography, PCR detector.
● Clinical laboratory reagents: invitro-diagnostic reagent, rapid diagnostic reagent, electrolyte reagent, blood cell reagent, thrombin reagent, blood grouping reagent kit, blood lipid reagent, biochemical reagent, chemiluminescence reagent, dry chemical test paper, chlamydia, ice detection kit, protein detection reagent, infectious disease detection reagent, tumor marker reagent, allergy diagnostic reagent, human genetic testing reagent, immunohistochemical and human tissue cell reagent, bio-chip, vitamins measuring reagent, tissue chemical dye class reagent, autoimmune diagnostic reagent, microbiology testing reagent, and other diagnostic reagents.
● Blood transfusion equipment and supplies: blood collection and supply equipment, consumables, blood test reagent, blood products, blood coagulation instrument, blood glucose instrument, blood collection needle, automatic blood cell analyzer, etc.
● Inspection consumables: colorimetric cup, blood collection tub, serum tube, sample cup, centrifuge tube, suction head, suction tube, test tube, biochemical cup, pipette, etc.
● Clinical laboratory aids: Medical incubator, medical centrifuge, pathological analysis pre-treatment equipment, blood testing equipment and utensil, medical low-temperature refrigeration equipment, special disinfection equipment and agent, body fluid disposal kit, medical diagnostic microscope, etc.
● Various medical testing and laboratory management software, graphic spectrums, videos and publications, etc.
China Association for Medical and Health
China Medical Communication Association
Supporters: Chinese Medical Association, Laboratory Medicine Sub-council
Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Laboratory Medicine Sub-council
Chinese Medical Doctor Association, Blood Transfusion Sub-council
Chinese Society of Blood Transfusion, Clinical Transfusion Committee
Organizer: Shanghai Juyi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
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