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China (Beijing) Clinical Examination Equipment and Products Exhibition 2016
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The exhibition will be created as a national top-class luxurious medical examination equipment exhibition lineup by Shanghai Zhanya Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Beijing Municipal Health Bureau and Beijing Medical Association.
Zhanya Exhibition is a professional organizer of medical industry exhibition with strong organizing ability and rich experience of visitors’ invitation for the clinical examination medical exhibition. In the early of October 2011, Zhanya has reached a consensus with the ambassadors and counselors of United States, Germany, Britain, Italy, Sweden, France, Belgium, Dubai, Japan, South Korea in China to advertise this Exhibition on their authority's website to invite customers.
Beijing Municipal Health Bureau will send a letter to the inspection departments from the hospitals, rummage centers, blood centers, centers for disease control in Beijing to attend the meeting, and invites all provincial Health Department and municipal Health Bureau to organize hospitals to come and visit;
The Beijing Medical Association will hold over 30 sessions academic forum meetings and seminars and will organize and invite famous academicians, professors, experts, hospital presidents, directors and physicians from hospitals, rummage centers, blood centers, centers for disease control of all over the country and Beijing to attend. The subjects involve various departments in rummage, biochemistry, immunology, blood transfusion, micro-organisms etc.. And papers are also in selection.


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